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About me...

Hi! I'm Maz, I'm 31 years old and am an animal lover through and through. I myself have a Welsh section D horse, Jake who is now retired at 25, A naughty Jack Russell Terrier called Ralph and a cat called Mildred. They all live with me, my husband and my daughter Luna on our family farm in Bovingdon.

My daughter, Luna and I

My Photography

I've grown up with animals so I know how important it is to capture memories of our furbabies, their personalities and the bond we share with them. I worked with horses for 15 years and am now a dog walker alongside photography. Spending so much time with animals definitely helps me learn how to get the best out of our four legged family on a photoshoot.



I started photography in 2018 when my dad literally threw me in at the deep end with a camera and a wedding! It definitely taught me to think on my feet. I still take on a handful of weddings a year and love to capture such important memories for my couples....bonus points if your dog or horse is invited!! After a few weddings and couples shoots, I realised I'd found my passion in photography, but my love of animals was pulling me too, so I combined them! So Moss Photographic was born. I love to capture emotive and beautiful portraits that you can look back on for years to come and it makes me proud when my clients love their photos.