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Behind The Scenes

I wanted to show you the world from my perspective by showing you a behind the scenes look at how I get the shot! Because of the dreaded 'C' word (no not that one, Covid) this year has been a shit show for small business' everywhere. So this post comes to you from the first wedding of the year!

So this is the shot I'm going to be using today:

I was shooting with natural light using my trusty canon 7dmkii and 70-200mm lens. For the tech savvy my settings were ISO 200 F.2.8 and shutter 1/500.

I live near this church and new weeks ago I wanted to use this stained glass window for a couples shot. its grand, its creepy and its beautiful. I love locations that are interesting, and give you a mood.....

So I had my couple under the window. I'm pretty lucky because my videographer Dan is great at wrangling people and that's a priceless skill when you need a large group of people to pay attention so you don't have to photoshop uncle Keiths eyes open or cousin Toby has his finger up his nose agin. But Dan is a loud mouth in the best possible way, so I leave the shouting up to him. Also...please bare in mind I am 39 weeks pregnant at this point and honestly believe if I shout too loud I will give birth. So I tell Dan I want the bride and groom looking lovingly at each other, puff the brides dress out...always... I HATE looking back at an almost perfect shot and seeing the dress scrunched up.

Now I've got the shot I want out of the camera, I can get to my favourite part.... the editing. I love nothing better than sitting down at my desk with music and a G&T (currently fruit squash-send help) and making my vision come to life. I have a very particular editing style that often looks a lot different to how it looks in camera, it's magic and I love it. My style is usually dark and dramatic, which also goes so well with this window. I don't use presets but I have created my own basic edit that I apply to all the photos, and then go through and tweak. I like my edits dark, high contrast and warm.

Below you can see the SOOC (straight out of camera) and my finished edit. I'd love to know what you think- let me know!


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