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Wedding planning in a lockdown

So, we all look the very British point of view that as soon as 2020 turned into 2021, lockdown would be over and we could all get on with our lives.

Well that back fired. But don't despair, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and until then here's some ways you can keep planning your day, even in a national lockdown.

Video tours- many venues are offering virtual tours of your venue so you can see everything without even leaving the sofa, or putting on makeup- win! Some venues even have 360 photos. Obviously there's nothing quite like seeing the real thing, but these virtual tours allow you to narrow down your choices with no commitment!

Zoom- ideally you'd meet your or wedding planner etc in person, especially with such a personal choice. Luckily, zoom or facetime has opened up a new line of communication without breaking any rules but its much more personal than email or even a phone call.

Stalk them!- disclaimer - don't actually stalk’s illegal...But 'stalking’ your fave vendors on social media allows you to see how they work and who they are from the comfort of your own home! As well as giving you ideas for your own wedding.

Have a zoom hen and stag do! Even if its just over zoom, you deserve to celebrate with your besties.

Bonus point, you don't have far to stagger home.

If you decide you’re just not waiting any longer and want to go ahead with a limited wedding, there are plenty of pros to this:

-It’s cheaper... pretty obvious one but a great reason to limit your wedding.

-It’s an excuse to limit your guests to people you genuinly want awkward plus ones you’ve never met!

-It’s intimate...Just you and your closest loves, makes your day feel cosy, intimate and exclusive.

-You can have a party later on in the year! So your wedding day remains intimate but you can celebrate twice (and wear your dress/suit twice!)

-No standing for hours for photos! I’m saying this one as a ‘tog but usually you have to allow 1.5hrs for all the family photos... you can relax and enjoy your day when the ‘formal’ photos are done and dusted in 5 minutes flat!

So whatever you decide, I hope this helped and you have an awesome wedding day!

Maz xx


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